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Front End Vehicle Based Application Software

Driving operational efficiencies, our suite of front-end software applications have been built from the ground up, utilising the experience gained deploying hundreds of systems around the world.

Developed in conjunction with some of the bulk logistics industry giants, our application software facilitates a live connection between drivers, transport staff, accounts teams and customers. Sharing live data regarding vehicle position, on-board stock, delivery volumes and pricing, enables both better operational decision making and a reduction in administration.

Our vehicle-based software applications are agnostic both in terms of hardware and operating system. Managing the specification, development, deployment and ongoing support, we ensure a fully scalable and future-proof solution that meets both operational and strategic objectives. To learn more about TouchStar’s front-end software click the download button below or click here to contact us. TouchStar’s application software offers proven performance in a vast number of industry settings including, but not limited to:

  • Heating Oil Distribution
  • Retail Bulk Fuel Delivery
  • LPG Bulk Distribution
  • Gas Cylinder Distribution
  • Aggregates
  • Foods
  • General Purpose
  • Chemicals
  • Waste


  • Better management of adhoc and scheduled deliveries
  • Point of sale invoicing for customers
  • On-screen signature capture for proof of delivery
  • Enhanced control over routing and
  • Live stock reports
  • Vehicle check management
  • Instant transmission of all delivery information to the back office