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ATEX Computer and Application Software

A fully ATEX-complient mobile computer, loaded with our intuitive software, gives your driver complete control over each job - along with access to invaluable information as they go about their working days.

Flow Meter / Register

For our fuel delivery solutions work in harmony with flow meters from all major manufacturers, giving you and your customers accurate readings every time. Drivers also have full control via their in-vehicle computers, or they can pass control to the meter when necessary.

Mobile Printing for Proof of Delivery (POD)

Complement digital records with printed POD receipts, created at the point of delivery; no delays for your customers and no risk of fraud. With full graphic capability, you can even include company logos.

Digital Tachograph

Tachograph connectivity means each driver’s crucial speed and distance data is constantly being fed from their Vehicle Unit (VU) back to base and uploaded to the cloud. Easy access saves time for you and your staff.

Valve Control

Minimise theft risk and ensure safe and accurate deliveries with complete valve control. All detected changes in the valve status are raised in real-time to the driver, with data logged both on board and back at base for later analysis – this includes opening and closing as well as location, which is tracked via the GPS feed.

Vehicle Performance

A range of connected sensors work together to keep your vehicles in top condition and performing as expected. Avoid damage, monitor tyre pressures and optimise driver behaviour to cut maintenance costs and maximise efficiency.

Driver Safety

Keep your drivers safe on the road by decluttering their cabs without reducing capability. Our fully ATEX-compliant mobile computers act as a single control point for everything from back office communications and job management to navigation and parking assistance.

Product Security / Load Management

A connected truck scale is used to inform the driver if their trailer has been loaded correctly – they can see through the in-cab computer display that the load weight has been distributed evenly, meaning products remain safe and secure during every journey. These scales can be calibrated specifically for your vehicles too, ensuring complete accuracy every time.

Vehicle Telematics

Reduce fleet costs sustainably with access to invaluable driver behaviour data. Our telematics system offers real-time reporting on everything from harsh braking and accelerating to idling and speeding.


Gain real-time visibility of your drivers’ movements with the help of GPS satellite tracking. Our TouchPC in-vehicle computer replaces the conventional ‘black box’ found in most cabs, creating more space for your staff. All activity can be monitored from anywhere via a standard web browser, with the ability to contact drivers directly.


Maximise job efficiency with clear and reliable vehicle navigation. Our system will quickly find the optimal route for your driver, while constantly taking legal restrictions around HGVs and tankers into account. Petrol stations and other points of interest are also mapped for easy access.

Reversing Camera

A full-colour infrared camera attached to the back of the vehicle feeds live imagery to your driver’s in-cab computer, ensuring safe and smooth manoeuvres every time – without the need for any separate monitors.

Integrated Voice Communications

Our in-vehicle computers’ integrated voice capabilities allow you to stay in close contact with your drivers, without hindering their safety. There’s no need for additional mobile devices, meaning operating costs and clutter are reduced further.

Vehicle Safety

With our mobile computers providing a single, integrated control point, you’re able to clear your drivers’ dashboards of unnecessary screens and devices to maximise visibility. A reversing camera and hands-free communication functionality boost vehicle safety even further, giving your driver an even clearer view of their surroundings while keeping their attention on the road.