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Front-end application software for the Oil and Gas Sector.

TouchStar’s planning, optimising, delivering solution creates the opportunity to collate and present all the relevant data necessary to enhance the efficiency of your bulk tanker operation.

TouchStar lead the world in interfacing expertise to delivery meters, pump blowers and weigh scales, offering automatic validation of loaded and delivered quantities, whatever the product. With 30 years+ experience in developing driver friendly delivery applications we can now deploy to any device, any driver for any job and have confidence the driver will be able to follow the process.

All key stakeholders needs are addressed in the system; from the planner, the service engineer, the health and safety manager, the reconciliation team, the transport manager, the 3rd party fleet operator to the customer. The flexibility offered by the web based portal gives a real business advantage by realising the benefits of making key operational data available to those that need it, in a format and timeframe that they want it.

TouchStar has been working in the Oil and Gas sector for over 30 years and has a unique understanding of mobile computing requirements. This experience has been utilised to equip our Fuel Pod system with a range of features to optimise the modern fuel delivery process.



  • Better management of adhoc and scheduled deliveries
  • Point of sale invoicing for customers
  • On-screen signature capture for proof of delivery
  • Enhanced control over routing and scheduling
  • Live stock reports
  • Vehicle check management
  • Instant transmission of all delivery information to the back office

Within FuelPOD, the vehicle loading process is recorded by pot, location, contract and bill of laden number.


Once the vehicle is in position at the customer’s tank it is possible for the system to pre-set the meter to a pre-arranged quantity. Once the delivery has taken place, details of the quantity, temperature, location, date and time are automatically recorded.


The system provides weights and measures approved ticketing. The tickets can be printed from the existing printer (supplied with the meter) or using a thermal printer that will allow logos, signatures and more flexible report printing options.


Should the customer require an additional remote delivery, FuelPOD is able to consolidate the total deliveries on a single ticket.


On returning to the truck the driver has the ability to manage the stock, including line changes. The driver will also be able to ensure that there is an up to date stock allocation per pot. RECONCILIATION All details transferred and collected throughout the day are continually transferred to the back office which means end of shift reconciliation and invoicing is handled automatically.