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TouchStar’s planning, optimising, delivering solution creates the opportunity to collate and present all the relevant data necessary to enhance the efficiency of your bulk tanker operation.

TouchStar lead the world in interfacing expertise to delivery meters, pump blowers and weigh scales, offering automatic validation of loaded and delivered quantities, whatever the product. With 30 years+ experience in developing driver friendly delivery applications we can now deploy to any device, any driver for any job and have confidence the driver will be able to follow the process.

All key stakeholders needs are addressed in the system; from the planner, the service engineer, the health and safety manager, the reconciliation team, the transport manager, the 3rd party fleet operator to the customer. The flexibility offered by the web based portal gives a real business advantage by realising the benefits of making key operational data available to those that need it, in a format and timeframe that they want it.

We’re at the frontline of the bulk food sector, enabling organisations to optimise the transportation of essential products such as sugar, maize, rice and cereals.


Front-end Vehicle-based Application Software:

Developed in conjunction with some of the fuel industry giants, our front-end software facilitates a live connection between drivers, transport staff, accounts teams and customers. Sharing live data regarding vehicle position, on-board stock, delivery volumes and pricing, enables both better operational decision making and a reduction in administration.

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Handling the interchange of information in an efficient and timely manner, TouchStar’s middleware product provides the link between front-end vehicle-based applications and Back Office Systems. The cloud based middleware environment integrates additional functionality from a number of sources, enhancing and consolidating all applications in one convenient location.

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Mobile Computing Hardware:

Our hardware solutions are device-agnostic enabling you to select the best device for your individual business processes. The range of ‘form factors’ which we can offer our clients is comprehensive and includes handheld and tablet devices. More specifically we have the ability to interface with any current operating system from Windows, Android or iOS. Many of our devices conform to ATEX specification, making them a natural choice for operation within hazardous fuel environments.

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Logistics Optimisation Software:

The system has been developed as a scalable electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) solution for any size of business from SMEs to major blue chip organisations. Whether you have one vehicle or thousands, the system will ensure you optimise your work scheduling, reduce fuel costs and improve customer service levels without adding extra complexity.

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Optional additional solutions:

Vehicle systems integration:

We can combine core technologies such as GPS tracking, engine diagnostic reporting, meter and sensor interfacing, RFID etc to ensure critical data is captured on vehicle location and operation, driver behavior, fuel consumption, POD, etc. We can also integrate with a variety of third party equipment such as Gantry management and tank gauging systems.

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Third Party Software Interfaces:

We are able to successfully integrate with leading back-end software packages such as Navision and SAP.

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