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While the TouchPC range of hand-held devices is more than capable of offloading its gathered data to any network, there are times when having a paper record is invaluable. Consider making a delivery to a customer and being able to run off a proof of delivery for them and proof of collection for yourself.

The way TouchStar’s machines let handwritten signatures be part of the record means that secure and forgery-resistant receipts can be produced – reducing the opportunities for fraud and disputes. The TouchPoD addresses this need.

The integrated graphics-handling software is perfect for placing your company’s logo on receipts, and rapid , silent thermal printing gets it into the customer’s hand before he can change his mind... TouchStar’s customers have found thousands of uses for our integrated portable printers, and more are waiting to be discovered.

Key Features

  • Two paper widths – 2 inch (58 mm) and 3 inch (80 mm).
  • 32 or 48 characters per line.
  • Full graphic capability.
  • Rapid print (a typical 100mm receipt is printed in under 3 seconds).
  • Easy paper loading.
  • Dedicated endcap design, just plug it in to your TouchPC

Used in conjunction with TouchStar’s bar code scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smartcard reader and an IrDA connection, your TouchPC and integrated TouchPOD printer becomes nothing less than a portable cash register, creating a boundless marketplace. The TouchPoD in place is the simple way to get outwardly mobile.

Mobile In-Cab Printers