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Five trends in the bulk logistics industry

08 October 2018

Like any other industry, the bulk logistics sector is subject to a huge variety of ever-changing factors and influences, ranging from the technological to the social, the economic to the geopolitical. While focusing on your own operational performance is key to success, no commercial organisation can afford to only look inwards. Here are the bulk logistics industry trends that should be on your business radar.  Read More >>

The future of bulk logistics distribution

the future of bulk logistics distribution

28 September 2018

Stacks of paperwork don’t often add up to operational efficiency. And for bulk suppliers responsible for transporting their precious cargo across miles of open road, inefficient processes prevent them from being able to react and respond with professional agility. The nature of the business may be mobile, but arduous working practices can slow even the most pioneering bulk distributor. Read More >>

What does GDPR mean for fleet managers?

What does GDPR mean for fleet managers?

28 March 2018

On May 25 this year, the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force, marking the biggest change to UK data protection legislation in two decades. The update will impact businesses and workers across all sectors, including fleet managers. Today, to manage a fleet of vehicles and drivers effectively, you need data, and much of it comes under the ‘personal’ category. And, seeing as GDPR compliance will be a statutory requirement, it’s crucial you understand what actions to take.  Read More >>

The Consequences of Fuel Contamination

The Consequences of Fuel Contamination

30 May 2017

Fuel contamination within a large commercial tanker can be costly error, reducing the quality of the product and damaging a business reputation. New technology systems such as the Electronic Proof of Delivery system can reduce the risk of contamination by logging movement of produce at all times.  Read More >>

Is Your Vehicle Compliant?

Is Your Vehicle Compliant?

03 April 2017

Fuel tankers are large delivery vehicles carrying dangerous materials and so require a high-level of care to ensure that they are working to optimum standard. The law requires drivers of such vehicles to carry out daily walkaround checks, inspecting various aspects of the vehicle to ensure everything is working as it should be. This daily walkaround check must be recorded, a task which is often seen as onerous and filled with paperwork. Frequently, issues arise with regards to poor handwriting preventing some of the information being read or paperwork getting lost or damaged in the cab. As such, companies are looking to new technology to find ways to improve this process.  Read More >>

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