Fleet management problems and how to avoid them

Fleet management problems and how to avoid them

06 December 2018

Monitoring the progress of bulk logistics delivery is not without its challenges. Short of accompanying each and every one of your drivers on their drops, can you really keep on top of every snag, blind spot and pressure point that can affect the efficiency of your service? Not without a logistics optimisation solution capable of addressing some of the most common bulk delivery fleet management problems. We’ve taken a closer look.  Read More >>

Can route planning tools help customer service?

Can route planning tools help customer service?

16 November 2018

When it comes to bulk logistics, customers want their shipments delivered accurately, with less lead time than ever before, and to kept aware of its progress in real-time. The immediacy of digital commerce means customers are becoming more demanding all the time, and less forgiving when things go wrong. When exceeding your customers’ demands means providing the highest possible standards of operational performance and then some, there’s really no room for error.  Read More >>

Why digitisation is good for business

Why digitisation is good for business

23 October 2018

With IoT in transportation set to see a compound annual growth rate of sixteen per cent by 2020, there is a clear need for companies to underpin their transformation strategy with digitised mobility ….. but is this happening in practice?  Read More >>

Five trends in the bulk logistics industry

08 October 2018

Like any other industry, the bulk logistics sector is subject to a huge variety of ever-changing factors and influences, ranging from the technological to the social, the economic to the geopolitical. While focusing on your own operational performance is key to success, no commercial organisation can afford to only look inwards. Here are the bulk logistics industry trends that should be on your business radar.  Read More >>

The future of bulk logistics distribution

the future of bulk logistics distribution

28 September 2018

Stacks of paperwork don’t often add up to operational efficiency. And for bulk suppliers responsible for transporting their precious cargo across miles of open road, inefficient processes prevent them from being able to react and respond with professional agility. The nature of the business may be mobile, but arduous working practices can slow even the most pioneering bulk distributor. Read More >>

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